Can vampires have sex

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Jun 03, · Of course Vampires CAN have sex but they don't get the same "feelings" from it as mortals. However as one answerer stated it's a great way to lure one into being a Open.

Can vampires have sex

In his view, vampires can’t have sex and the idea is preposterous. To me, it’s preposterous to pose this question to someone whose area of expertise is Sci-Fi when vampires in all their forms fall solidly within the realm of the paranormal.

[Vampires] How do vampires have sex? [Vampires] How do vampires have sex? (devis-travaux.proenceFiction) submitted 3 years ago by akthestarkid. Their hearts aren't beating. Their blood isn't pumping vampires don't really desire sex but men can get hard and still do it, they just cant ejaculate (Pandora). Vampires can have sex: Fact. While the act of feeding replaces all physical urges, vampires can still indulge in sex and even take pleasure from it. Curiously, however, the emotional aspect of sex vanishes after the Embrace.
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Nov 11, · Why do vampires need to have sex to have a baby? Why not just bite a baby? Then that baby is a vampire that you made and you have a vampire family. Also I have never seen Twilight. Why are there sooooo many teen vampire things? And they are all the same format. The vampires are sexy. The vampires fall in love. The vampires are romantic. Why.

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Since vampires are mythical creatures, authors have the freedom to make them do just about anything. Note that in the Twilight books, vampires can come out into the daylight without harm. As for "how does vampire sex work", well, technically same as humans. However vampires have to prepare themselves a bit more since their bodies are essentially corpses. They can however use blood to reanimate essential parts of their body (as mentioned before, called 'blush of life') and perform the functions humans take for granted.

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What bodily functions work in vampires? I know some limited versions of this have been asked before, but this is overall. We know you can stab a vampire in the heart with a knife and it doesn't kill them, but a wooden stake does. So the circulatory system works differently than in humans. Can Vampires Get Blood-Borne Diseases? (duh) sex. Take herpes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the different strains are spread to varying degrees by mucosal, genital, or oral.

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Since vampires can make other vampires with their bite and exchanging blood, then there is no need for sex to reproduce when they can already do that with their fangs. The act of drinking and the exchanging of blood is a metaphor for sex, so in a way, these beings are having sex, just not the same as humans. Apr 09, · Ok, vampires do have blood, remember, they drink it??! if you want explanations on vampire anatomy and stuff, buy the roleplaying game "Vampire The Masquerade" it's not buffy-related, but it has extraordinary believable explanations for all this.. For instance the sex, the vampire can use the power of the blood he drinks in order to perform.
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Jun 19, · Vampires don't have sex, and have no human sexual urges, so to speak. They are, however, very aware of beauty. The way a Vampire perceives the world is very different from the way humans do, and thus, the things which give them the most physical pleasure are Resolved. May 26, · Everyone knows true vampires can't have sex. First, a male vampire doesn't have the blood flow for an erection. Second, a female virgin vampire can try it with a non-vampire, but he wouldn't have the strength required to break her hymen.

Can vampires have sex
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